House Concert FAQ:
What is it? A house concert is a chance to experience Skybound Blue in a relaxed listener-friendly environment. You open your home/yard to friends and family, snack a little, socialize then sit down and settle in while we embark on a musical journey, tell stories, laugh together, and all feel a part of something special. A house concert is NOT background music at a party - it's a concert.
Why would I want to host a house concert? Because it's fun! AND you love supporting independent music; You love the magic and beauty of live music but don’t always want to deal with parking, crowds, and obnoxious drunk people; You want to create a memorable night for you and your friends.
Does it cost anything?
It doesn’t have to cost you a thing. Most of the time it's BYOB and snacks to share.  Sometimes a host will offer food and sometimes it’s a pot luck.  That is the beauty of the house concert!  You can customize it to work for you.  We ask that the host set up a “suggested donation” box at the door of $20-$25 depending on how many folks are expected. This covers our business costs but also allows for folks on a tight budget to join regardless of their ability to contribute – all are welcome! We’ve found that folks are more than happy to chip in for the experience and often donate more than the suggested donation.
How many people?
25+. Usually 35-50 people is a good size crowd to shoot for. More definitely works well too if the space can accommodate folks. If you think of friends, family, social groups, and neighbors who might be interested, it’s usually no problem getting enough people together. Kids are always welcome and are asked to find an out of the way place to play if they are not interested in sitting quietly to watch the show.
I don't have a big house. Can I still host a concert?
Probably! We lived on a 25’ sailboat so we’re used to making small spaces work. We can play in a living room or a back yard covered area, or anything in between.  Participants generally bring folding chairs or blankets on the lawn. We’ll bring a mini sound system – our music will not be loud, just loud enough for folks to hear the words. Most hosts will set out folding chairs among their furniture or push a few things to the side. You’d be amazed at how many people can fit comfortably into a regular living room. We can make most settings work!
What does Skybound Blue need? We need a minimum of a 4x6 space for us and our instruments, some space on a countertop or table for our merch (CD’s, T-shirts, etc.), and access to power. If we set up outside we need to have a flat covered area on a solid surface - not in grass or dirt.  We like to participate in food, drinks, and socializing too! Oh and a fog machine, 2 cannons, a disco ball, green M&M's, stretchy pants, you know...rock star basics. :) 
What about food and drinks? We’ve found that having refreshments makes it more fun and fosters community and conversation. You can choose whether to provide snacks and drinks, and/or ask guests to bring something to share. Appetizers, dessert, coffee, wine bar… It’s up to you!  
What exactly is the order of events for the evening?
The night will be fun and laid back. It's a great idea to give folks an hour or so to arrive, get comfortable, eat, and chat it up before sitting down for the show. Our set will last about 90 minutes (give or take) during which we'll play music, tell sappy stories, laugh and have fun, possibly do some sing-a-longs (ya never know!). It's an experience for all! We love to hang out afterward, share a glass of wine, and get to know folks. This is the beauty of a house concert!

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Email us at or use this contact page  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US. We'll find a date at least a couple months out that works. We'll then provide you with email invite templates to send to your group introducing Skybound Blue,  outlining the details of the event, what to bring (cash, chairs, snacks, etc), and requesting RSVP.  We have found that emails and requests for RSVPs ahead of the event is imperative to a successful house concert. This way you know how many to expect and folks know what they can look forward to! 

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